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At ARH Essendon, we believe that our diagnostic imaging, nursing and intensive care services are the backbone of our hospital.

We go to great lengths to ensure we have the best team and equipment in these areas so that we can offer complete and cutting-edge assessment and treatment to all our patients.

ARH Essendon’s diagnostic imaging suite is the very advanced, allowing our specialists to obtain the highest quality images required for diagnosis, treatment planning and prognosis of your pet’s condition.

Onsite, ARH Essendon have:

  • 16-slice helical CT
  • CR Digital Radiography
  • Two ultrasound machines including Colour flow Doppler
  • MRI

Images are interpreted by highly skilled clinicians and supported by specialist radiologists within the ARH group.

Our ARH nurses are highly skilled and compassionate people who will go above and beyond in caring for your pet. We have dedicated nurses in surgery, internal medicine, intensive care and emergency and critical care. All our nurses undergo regular in-house training, attend conferences and lectures, to ensure they can provide the best care to our patients.

ARH encompasses a specialist referral service and emergency hospital in one business which allows our nurses to provide seamless continuity of care to your pet. Whatever time of the day your pet is being treated, our nurses will strive to provide a comfortable and anxiety-free stay for your much-loved animal.

Our ARH receptionists are the welcoming face of our organisation and will support you during your time at our hospital. Our receptionists are highly trained and compassionate people and can assist with making and changing appointments, organising visits with your pet, providing information on hospital stays and connecting you with our specialists. They are also the resident experts in payment options, such as VetPay, and can process your insurance claims if desired.


Under the guidance of our emergency and critical care veterinarians and veterinary specialists, our dedicated ICU nurses provide 24/7 care for your pet, including weekends and public holidays.

Our intensive care unit includes temperature and humidity controlled oxygen cages (Snyder cages), humidicribs, comfortable patient cages with padded soft bedding, oxygen lines, intravenous fluid pumps, advanced monitoring of blood pressure and vital signs, and an on-site blood bank.

We aim to provide the best possible care to your pet when they are very sick or injured.

ARH Essendon offers on-site pathology through Idexx’s state of the art point-of-care systems. This includes biochemistry testing, complete blood count (Lasercyte and Procyte), urine testing, cortisol, thyroid, and blood coagulation testing.

These means that your pets test results can be available in an emergency, often providing life-saving information without having to send blood samples to an external laboratory.

For intensive care patients, the Radiometer ABL-90 blood gas analyser provides comprehensive, critical information regarding your pets’ blood pH levels, electrolytes, hemoglobin levels.

Blood gas and electrolyte results are available in less than 1 minute once the sample is collected.

During normal business hours, we are backed by the full support of Melbourne’s leading veterinary pathology laboratories including Idexx and Gribbles.

Getting a diagnosis of cancer in a pet can be a terrifying experience, however our oncology team is here to assist pet owners through this difficult time. Our in-house oncologist, Dr Selvi Jegatheeson is available for consultations with owners and their pets on Mondays.

The oncology service provides owners with a full discussion of their pet’s cancer diagnosis, including if any further diagnostic tests are required, as well as treatment options and prognosis.

The oncology team can put together detailed treatment and monitoring plans for pets with cancer, and works closely with the medicine and surgery departments to implement these plans.

In cases of advanced disease, palliative plans can also be discussed, and we work closely with local vets to ensure optimal quality of life for pets during this difficult time.

Our specialists are also happy to discuss diagnosis and treatment of patients with referring veterinarians by phone or email correspondence.

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