Small Animal Surgery Specialist

Dr Simon Kudnig


Dr Simon Kudnig

Dr Simon Kudnig graduated from The University of Melbourne with an honours degree in 1990, and completed a MVSc degree in 1995.

After spending several years in Melbourne establishing his veterinary career, Dr Kudnig completed a residency in Small Animal Surgery at Colorado State University (CSU) in the United States in 2003. He then completed advanced training in Surgical Oncology at CSU’s Animal Cancer Centre as the Clinical Fellow of Surgical Oncology.

In 2004, Simon passed his American surgical board examinations (ACVS) and also became a fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. He is a registered specialist in Small Animal Surgery in Australia and the United States. Over the years he has published scientific and peer reviewed articles and has authored textbook chapters.

He has also co-edited a textbook entitled “Veterinary Surgical Oncology” which is the leading textbook in Veterinary Surgical Oncology. In 2012 he was accepted as an ACVS Founding Fellow, Surgical Oncology. His primary interest is in surgical oncology, but he also has extensive experience in general surgery and orthopaedics.