Caroline Mansfield


Caroline Mansfield

Caroline graduated from Murdoch University, Perth and worked in mixed animal and small animal practice in Australia and the UK before completing a 3-year residency in small animal medicine at University College, Dublin.

She developed an interest in gastroenterology during that time and has continued that clinical and research passion since her return to Australia. From 2001 until 2010 she was employed at Murdoch University, then moved to the University of Melbourne in late 2010.

She started as the Head of Small Animal Medicine and after promotion became Professor and Director of Clinical Research, finishing there in mid-2021. Her research is focused on chronic enteropathies in dogs, the endocrine and exocrine pancreas, and the interaction between the gut microbiome and metabolic health and disease in dogs and cats.

She a board certified in companion animal internal medicine, gaining a Diploma of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in 2001. Additionally, she is a Past President of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, a board member of Purina Institute and current editor of the Australian Veterinary Practitioner.

She currently works part-time in a research capacity at the University of Queensland and as medicine specialist at Animal Referral Hospital, Essendon Fields.