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When your pet is staying at ARH, we encourage you to visit your pet during our set visiting hours. Please contact our friendly customer care team who can arrange an appropriate time to visit your pet.

Throughout your pet’s treatment we will keep you updated on their progress. We understand that you may miss your pet and be worried about them so our vets call you daily to give a comprehensive update on their progress.

New safety measures in place in response to COVID-19.

Our aim is to continue to be able to provide the highest levels of care to our patients. In order to do that we are taking steps to protect you and our team. Please click here for more information.

For most of our services, you will require a referral from your regular veterinarian. Appointments can be made by contacting a member of our customer care team on (02) 9758 8666 or We have onsite parking for your convenience.

Please bring your referral letter with you as well as any other information such as x-rays and current medication. Please inquire with our customer care team at the time of booking in case there are any special requirements your pet needs prior to your appointment i.e. fasting or with-holding medications.

Depending on the nature of your pet’s illness you will meet with either a surgery, medicine, oncology, ophthalmology, behaviour, physiotherapy, or dentistry veterinarian. Your specialist/consultant will discuss your pet’s history and assess your pet. Your pet may need to stay in hospital for further diagnostic work or treatment so we advise keeping some flexibility where possible on the day of your appointment.

Your specialist/consultant will provide a complete range of options for your pet’s treatment including prognosis and an estimation of costs. We will work closely with your referring veterinarian to ensure a coordinated approach is taken to your pet’s care.

Your pet may be required to stay at ARH for further diagnosis and treatment. If this is the case, you will be provided with a consent for treatment form which will include an estimate of costs.

Throughout your pet’s treatment we will keep you updated on their progress. We understand that you may miss your pet and be worried about them and encourage you to book a time to visit your pet when appropriate.

Our team will discuss any costs with you before treatment takes place unless it is an emergency situation. Please keep in mind that this is an estimate and costs can potentially increase due to unexpected patient complications and prolonged hospital stays.

ARH requires at least 50% of the treatment estimate to be paid prior to the start of treatment with the account to be finalised at the time of your pet’s discharge. We may ask for a progress payment during your pet’s stay in hospital. Please see customer care team after each appointment to finalise your account. ARH accepts cash, eftpos and credit cards.

If you feel you will need assistance to pay your account please speak to our customer care team as soon as possible. VetPay is a company which offers affordable finance options.

For VetPay finance to be approved, applications need to be made before treatment begins so please speak to our customer care team for information as early as possible.

Our friendly customer care team members are happy to complete insurance claims for your pet’s treatment with us. Most insurance companies now accept claims online so all we will need is your insurance company name and your pet’s policy number and we can process your claim. When you finalise your bill, please ask us to process your claim.


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