Pet Ambulance

Claudia & Jarrod

Claudia & Jarrod

Pet Ambulance Services is owned and run by Claudia and Jarrod who provide an all hours on call vehicle that has been purpose fitted to transport family pets.

It has large comfortable cages with monitoring equipment and oxygen if necessary. A closed circuit television and nursing assistance means that patients are monitored in transit.

Jarrod started Pet Ambulance Services in 2007. Whilst working for the AECC (Animal Emergency Centre Canberra) when it was based in Braddon, he identified the need for a criticare and general pet transport service for the ACT and surrounding district. Jarrod has 20 years clinical veterinary nursing experience and has done over 1000 pet transports including criticare in the years since the service started.

Claudia joined the Veterinary Industry in 2007 after coming out of retirement when her children were all in High School. Her love for her patients keeps her motivated and passionate in this sometimes difficult industry. She is at times known as the cat whisperer, unless the cat refuses to listen.

When not driving the Pet Ambulance, you’ll find Claudia at the Animal Referral Hospital Canberra working as a Specialist Surgical Nurse.