Yogi survives 1080 bait ingestion

Yogi is a feisty Chihuahua who has been a much loved pet to owners, Pedro and Kerri, for the past seven years.

Owners, Pedro and Kerri with their dog, Yogi

Her owners had laid some new 1080 baits provided by the local Council on their property south of Ipswich. The baits, which are anchored to trees, are designed to treat problematic local pests such as rodents, rabbits, foxes, wild pigs and coyotes.

Yogi was spending the day out with her owners when she was found chewing on something which looked suspiciously like the new baits.

She was taken immediately to her local vet where they induced vomiting and found bait in her vomit. She was also given activated charcoal to attempt to trap the toxins and chemicals in her body allowing them to be flushed out and not absorbed.

Unfortunately, due to the highly lethal nature of 1080, within two hours Yogi was tremoring and seizuring. Her local vet started her on intravenous calcium, intravenous valium and placed her under anaesthetic to stop the seizure activity.

Black Chihuahua dog on life support machine at the Animal Referral Hospital

Yogi was transferred to our 24 hour emergency vet hospital in Sinnamon Park where our team set about attempting the unlikely. Yogi’s anaesthetic was maintained for 36 hours. She had a breathing tube placed in her trachea to protect her airways and was on a range of medications. She received round the clock monitoring and we slowly weaned her off the anaesthetic over 24 hours. Two days after arrival she woke up without tremor or seizure activity. Remarkably she was sent home the following day.

It is thought that a bird, in attempting to eat the bait, broke a piece off and dropped it in the paddock where Yogi was playing.

As far as we are aware, Yogi shouldn’t have any long term complications with the 1080 ingestion and she is currently doing well at home.

In this situation, a dog’s prognosis depends on the amount of bait ingested and the severity of their initial symptoms. Given that as little as one gram of bait is fatal to a 10 kg dog, most cases carry a poor to grave prognosis.

Black Chihuahua dog with vet at the Animal Referral HospitalIn case you ever need them, here are some facts about 1080 bait ingestion:

  • Symptoms appear 30 minutes to four hours following ingestion.
  • These can include hyperexcitability, frenzied behaviour (aimless running, howling), excessive skin sensitivity, vomiting, excessive salivation / urination / defecation, dilation of the pupils, high body temperature, and convulsions / seizures.
  • Progressive weakness may occur and end in coma and death within 2-12 hours after the onset of symptoms.

Yogi’s story is a miraculous one and we thank her loving owners for allowing us to tell this tale of survival.


Black Chihuahua dog in three photos, with his male owner, with his female owner and a horse and with his other male owner


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