Spring is here, it´s time to get planting!

That also means there are a few dangers for our pets that we need to keep in mind.


Rat lung worm is a parasite that lives in snails and slugs and can cause significant damage to pets and humans if ingested. As your newly planted lettuce grows, snails and slugs will increase in abundance in your garden.

This little parasite is one of the reasons we need to wash our fruit and veggies properly, especially our lettuce. Dogs (and children) can also ingest slugs, snails or their mucous while playing in the backyard. Keeping vegetable gardens sectioned off and dog bowls regularly cleaned is important.

Rat lung worm can be tricky to diagnose, however, symptoms in dogs may include:

  • Pain, swelling or inflammation of the spinal cord which may lead to hypersensitivity
  • Inability to move or stand up
  • Disinterest in food and water
  • Raised temperature

Read more here: https://arhvets.com.au/brisbane/garden-snails-and-slugs-pose-life-threatening-risk-to-dogs-and-humans

Toxic plants

There are many plants and flowers that are toxic to dogs and cats. This includes a range of succulents, bushes, climbers, palms and indoor plants. Flowers, such as Lilies, tulips, daffodils, amaryllis, cyclamen and autumn crocus are just a few which can cause trouble if ingested.

Read more here: https://arhvets.com.au/brisbane/mothers-day-greenery-thats-toxic-to-pets

Further information from the RSPCA Qld is here: file:///C:/Users/kirst/Downloads/Guide%20to%20Toxic%20Plants%2012%20(2).pdf


Fertilisers can be very tempting to pets, and can cause a range of issues from stomach upset to poisoning. If you are going to use fertiliser on your grass or plants, make sure your pets can´t get access for at least 24 hours, and that the fertiliser is well sunk into the soil – this will make it hard for your pet to eat. Remember to keep your fertiliser well out of reach and behind a locked door.

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