Protecting your pet from snakes

It’s snake season which means added risk for our furry friends who love to explore their environment.

We have spoken to a few experts in the field this past week and sadly there isn’t a one-stop, fix all solution to the snake problem. They did agree however that the following steps can help:

  • Keep your grass short as snakes love to hide in long grass. Also keep your shrubs and trees trimmed.
  • Keep your yard free from clutter, especially places that attract rodents, such as wood piles, as this is what attracts the snakes.
  • If you have chickens, keep the pen as clean as possible as this is an obvious haven for snakes. In particular, you want to keep rats and mice out of your pen, as this is what the snakes are drawn to.
  • If you live in a snake prone area, consider installing a snake proof fence, where the fence is dug into the ground to prevent access to your yard.
  • Avoid walks in long grassy areas and don’t allow your pets to explore holes or dig under rocks.

As snake season ramps up, we encourage you to know the signs of a snake bite and what to do in this emergency situation. Here is the link to our recent article if you missed it:

Photo:  Snake Out Brisbane Snake Catchers


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