Protecting your pet from cancer

It´s not possible to stop your pet from getting cancer. Cancer develops for many reasons, including genetics, familial links, environmental factors, lifestyle choices and sometimes really bad luck. However, during cancer prevention month, we like to remind pet owners about a few things you can do to help protect your pet.

Keep your pet to a healthy body weight

  • Obesity has been proposed as a risk factor in the development of some cancers. It has also been linked to the development of some cancers at an earlier age and possibly in a more aggressive form.

Use caution with lawn care chemicals

  • Our furry friends have more exposure to the lawn due to their lifestyle (and are much closer to the ground) and with that comes an increased risk of some cancers developing when lawn care chemicals are used frequently.

Limit sun exposure in white pets

  • Just like us they can also develop skin cancer with too much sun exposure.

Take caution around new/ stray animals

  • Some animals can carry viruses spread by close contact or fighting and this may increase the risk of some cancer development.

Cigarette smoke

  • There are some studies to suggest that just like in people, cigarette smoke exposure increases your risk of developing some cancers. So if you do have someone that smokes get them to do it outside.
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