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First aid for burns

When a pet burns themselves, damage to the surface or deeper layers of the skin can occur immediately. A typical burn is caused by dry heat, like a flame, corrosive chemicals, radiation, electricity or cold. A scald is caused by a moist heat, such as hot oil, wax or water. Signs You may not be […]

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Spring is here, it´s time to get planting!

That also means there are a few dangers for our pets that we need to keep in mind. Snails Rat lung worm is a parasite that lives in snails and slugs and can cause significant damage to pets and humans if ingested. As your newly planted lettuce grows, snails and slugs will increase in abundance […]

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Spinal disease in dogs – The uncommon facts

It´s not just Daxie´s that get IVDD            Some breeds are more susceptible to intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), with Dachshunds sadly having a reported 20-60% incidence rate throughout their life-time. Researchers have only recently isolated the gene responsible for IVDD in certain breeds. This gene is the same one that causes dwarfism in dogs. This is […]

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What is IVDD? And what to do about it…

This month is IVDD Awareness Month, and unfortunately at ARH we see too many dogs with this debilitating spinal disease. Throughout July, we will take you through some of the key facts about IVDD that may help you spot if your pup is ever in trouble. What is IVDD? IVDD, aka Intervertebral Disc Disease, occurs […]

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Common winter problems for your pets

It´s the first day of winter, and it sure is getting a bit chilly. As the cold weather settles in, we start to see some additional problems for our furry friends, especially those getting towards their golden years. Arthritis Sore and stiff joints can be a common condition in the cooler months, especially when it […]

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Going back to work?  How do you think your pet will cope?

COVID-19 has meant quite a change for our pets, with many going from spending the day alone to having a constant companion in their working from home paw-rants. This means more pats, more walks and more security overall. So what will happen when you return to work? Separation anxiety in pets can happen when they […]

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