Helping your pet survive storm season

Storm phobia can make even the bravest of animals revert to unusual behaviour such as hiding under furniture, drooling, pacing, barking and destructive chewing.

And because dogs can predict when a storm is brewing any plan to help them deal with a storm needs to be thought out well in advance.

With more storms predicted for Queensland in the summer months, here are some ideas to help your anxious pet cope:

  • For indoor pets, a safe environment where they have comforters, food, water and most importantly can’t escape is ideal. For larger animals, a sheltered under cover area or a pen/crate with access to food and water may help prevent escape attempts.
  • If you are with your pet, stay close and distract them with a game, bone or soothing music before they start to sense the storm.
  • It might seem obvious, but double check your fences to ensure there aren’t any weak areas ideal for escape attempts.
  • Specifically designed storm music can be used outside of storms to attempt to desensitise your pet.
  • There are various anti-anxiety products available which your local vet can advise about.
  • If your pet is struggling with storms it is worth seeing your local vet to develop a plan for treating their anxiety. Your vet may decide to refer you to a specialist veterinary behavourist if required.
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