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Garden snails and slugs pose life-threatening risk to dogs and humans

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Mother’s Day greenery that’s toxic to pets

There are many plants and flowers which are toxic to dogs and cats. And since our pets often like to chew on inedible objects, especially new additions to their environment, it makes buying greenery for Mother’s Day difficult. Here are some of the most common plants toxic to our furry friends. Please keep in mind […]

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Hookworm and your puppy

Hookworms can pose a big risk to puppies. Although they are small in size (3mm long), a large number of hookworms can lead to a puppy having severe anaemia, as a result of the worms feeding on its intestines. There are four main ways that dogs can pick up these small, blood-sucking parasites: Direct contact […]

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Sugar substitute, Xylitol, a poisoning risk to dogs

Xylitol is a naturally occurring substance which is used as a substitute for sugar in a range of foods and drinks. Unfortunately, Xylitol is also toxic to dogs even in small doses. Unlike in humans, it is quickly absorbed into a dog’s bloodstream which can cause the pancreas to rapidly release insulin. This results in […]

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Dachshunds and Pes varus

Pes varus is a developmental condition that results in a limb deformity and is seen most commonly in dachshunds. In Latin pes means foot and varus means inward. As affected puppies develop, the inside part of the growth plate at the end of the shinbone doesn’t seem to grow as quickly as the outside and […]

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Queensland first – New radiation therapy for pets with cancer

ARH Brisbane is now offering a Queensland first for our patients, stereotactic radiation therapy (SRT), which is greatly advancing cancer treatment in pets. This new treatment allows us to reduce the dose of radiation to tissues surrounding a cancer and therefore avoid some of the typical radiation side effects such as skin irritation, nausea, pain […]

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Epilepsy in pets

Epilepsy in pets It’s known as a seizure without an underlying cause. It is much more common in dogs than in cats and a pet’s first seizure usually occurs between 1-5 years of age. Seizures can come in many shapes and forms. There are generalized seizures, which can be characterised by a pet: Being unconsciousness […]

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