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Common winter problems for your pets

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Going back to work?  How do you think your pet will cope?

COVID-19 has meant quite a change for our pets, with many going from spending the day alone to having a constant companion in their working from home paw-rants. This means more pats, more walks and more security overall. So what will happen when you return to work? Separation anxiety in pets can happen when they […]

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Why pets are so good for your kids!

It´s national kids and pets day today. While we´ve all heard that pets are good because they teach kids about death, we thought we´d take at look at some of the other reasons a pet is a great addition to your family.   1. Lessons for life A pet will teach your little one a […]

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Anti-cancer drug clinical trial starting at ARH Brisbane

ARH Brisbane is calling for dogs with B cell lymphoma to help evaluate a newly formulated anti-cancer drug shown to be safe, effective and tasty for dogs. This comes following a successful compassionate use trial of the same drug, Monepantel (MPL). Lymphoma is a common cancer diagnosed in dogs. Symptoms can include swellings (enlarged lymph […]

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Protecting your pet from cancer

It´s not possible to stop your pet from getting cancer. Cancer develops for many reasons, including genetics, familial links, environmental factors, lifestyle choices and sometimes really bad luck. However, during cancer prevention month, we like to remind pet owners about a few things you can do to help protect your pet. Keep your pet to […]

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Helping your pet survive storm season

Storm phobia can make even the bravest of animals revert to unusual behaviour such as hiding under furniture, drooling, pacing, barking and destructive chewing. And because dogs can predict when a storm is brewing any plan to help them deal with a storm needs to be thought out well in advance. With more storms predicted […]

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Presents to keep away from the tree

It´s Christmas present buying season – so much fun, excitement and, a visit to the emergency vet? Not quite what you think about when wrapping your presents. Take it from our emergency vets and clients though, there are certain presents best kept in the cupboard. Food that´s toxic to pets You would think that a […]

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